Why Your Baby Needs A Thottil (Hammock)

  • By Abhinav

Also known as a Jhoola or Ghodiyu or Thooli or more commonly known in South India as Thottil, everyone who has grown up in an Indian household is keenly aware of the baby hammock which is a quintessential product for a newborn.

What is a Thottil?

Thottil, is essentially a cloth hammock that is meant to emulate the safe and comfortable sensation of being enveloped in the womb, a feeling that newborns truly crave. A cradle of cloth that has been used by Indian parents for centuries, the Thottil really is one of the most convenient ways to put your baby to sleep with ease.

The frame is traditionally made out of wood, but since the early 20th century, more durable and stronger materials like stainless steel are used for making the frame. Of course, there are much more easy to use designs like Beelittle’s Thottil, which is meant to be hung from a hook in the ceiling.


Is a Thottil really better than a Crib?

Used in India for hundreds of years, Thottils are proven to be a safe method of putting your baby to sleep.

And there are many noted benefits of using a thottil as compared to a regular bassinet or a crib, such as:

  • Reduces chances of flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly)
  • Helps your baby fall asleep much faster
  • Enhances the sensation of being swaddled
  • Increases ventilation and body temperature regulation
  • Eases infant colic & helps treat reflux
  • Known to prevents SIDS
  • Especially helpful for premature babies
  • Flexible and portable (Can use it as a travel bed too!)
  • Especially useful for cranky sleepers

What To Know When Setting Up A Thottil

There are a few good-to-know things to consider while using a Thottil, like:

  • Ensuring that there are no toys, pillows or any other objects in the thottil
  • Always placing the baby into the hammock on his back
  • As a safety measure, putting a roll-out mattress or some form of firm bedding under the Thottil (on the floor)
  • Always making sure that the baby hammock is suspended from a firm, safe place. Check the fastenings regularly
  • Having the thottil in the parents bedroom and preferably using it during daytime naps

The Best Thottil Products You Can Find

Now that you’re privy to all the necessary information about baby hammocks, it is time to pick out the best Thottil products out there.

Made out of 100% Organic Cotton, Beelittle’s Thottil Starter Kit is meant for new parents who want to make sure their baby falls asleep easily, safely and comfortably.

The kit comes with

  • A super-soft & sturdy Thottil
  • A mosquito net
  • A hanging steel chain to hook to the ceiling
  • And a wooden separator stick to keep the Thottil wide open

The Thottil is made out of organic cotton, which makes it softbreathable and also machine washable.

So, head on over to Beelittle.in to make the best investment for your child’s safety and comfort.

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