Why Muslin Is Best For Babies

  • By Abhinav

If you’re a new parent you know by now that babies can be fussy at times. And you obviously would want to make sure that your precious little bundle of joy isn’t uncomfortable. And that also includes choosing the right material for his/her clothes, wipes, blankets, towels, etc.

Many materials are simply too heavy and harsh for a baby’s delicate skin. Luckily, that isn’t the case with muslin.

Muslin dates back to ancient times and gets its name from Masulipatnam, the port town in India where it was originally traded. The soft cotton fabric remains popular today, especially among new parents.

Muslin is made out of cotton and it is an extremely fine and loosely-woven material. Think of it as an improved version of cotton which has just as many, if not more, benefits than cotton.

Benefits of Muslin cloth for babies

  • More light & breathable than cotton. Perfect choice for baby blankets
  • Owing to its finer weave than cotton, Muslin is oh-so-soft on your baby’s skin. Suitable for swaddles
  • Burping, wiping and cleaning your baby are the most well known uses for muslin cloths as they’re more absorbent than cotton
  • It functions well as a sunshade. You can also use them in strollers, travel cots, car seats, nursing covers and more
  • One of the most unique benefits of Muslin is that it gets softer with each wash

Muslin clothes really are essential for any new parent and certainly they are the perfect choice for your baby.

Here are some great Muslin products that you can stock up on for your baby:

Muslin Nappies

Stuffed Muslin Newborn Nappy – Blue

Muslin Jablas

Organic Muslin Jablas – Bow Bow (6-12 months)

Muslin Towels

Large Muslin Bath Towel- Fancy Feathers

Muslin Hooded Wrap- Bird Box

Muslin Swaddles

Organic Muslin Swaddle 2Pc Combo Pack- Bird Box
Muslin Wipes, Burp Cloths & Drool Bibs

Assorted Combo – Muslin Wipes

Burpy Bib – Bow Bow

Reversible Bandana/Drool Bib – Little Pilot

Muslin Blankets & Sleepsuits (Snuggle Sacs)

Muslin Blanket – Bird box

Lots of Love – 0-6M Snuggle Sac

What happy parents say:

Oh, my Jesus😍😍😍😍 I am just loving it. I had tears in my eyes when I touched the shirt. It’s the first time I’m buying muslin cotton & I’m totally satisfied with the material. Thanks a lot🙏🙏”

“Got the blanket from BeeLittle. Absolutely love love love it♥️♥️♥️♥️”

“I received the products I ordered from BeeLittle. Thank you so much. Your products are simply superb & I just loved it. The cloth quality is superb. 😊♥️”

“Our daughter is all drenched in BeeLittle. It has become her favorite. 😍💞”

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