Top 10 Must Have Baby Items For New Moms

  • By Abhinav

Soon after your baby’s born, people are always quick to give you advice on what the most important things you need to have for your baby. But they often fail to mention key details. Sure you’ll get diapers and nappies but what kind? How many and how often?

Read on to learn more about these baby items for new mothers, how to pick the right ones and everything else you need to know about them.

Here are the top 10 must have baby items for new moms

Your infant will be busy doing 3 things: eat, sleep and poop. So let’s start with the more obvious items you’ll need

  1. Feeding Essentials
  • Wipes – You’ll need soft, absorbent & safe cotton or muslin wipes, like these. Soft on the skin, hard on the mess! These are reusable and machine washable! You’ll need at least 4-6 wipes.
  • Burp Cloths – Another important feeding essential are burp cloths. This one will be hanging over your shoulder for quick cleaning! Grab a minimum of 4!
  • Towels – Lastly, if the wipes and the burp cloths don’t get the job done, you’ll have your trusty towel. Anti-bacterial, highly absorbent, ultra-soft, hypoallergenic & can be used as wrap or a swaddle too! Safe to buy at least 2.
  1. Sleep Essentials
  • Blankets – Your baby’s delicate skin deserves a blanket that is antibacterial, anti-allergenic, safe on sensitive skin, ultra-soft, and made of material that is more suited for all weather conditions, like organic cotton or muslin. In case one goes into the wash, it’s best to have at least 3 blankets!
  • Beds – Since it’s safer to have your baby sleep next to you, a silk Kapok bed specially designed for babies will be a great choice
  • Pillows – Your little one’s delicate head needs to rest on a soft and firm pillow that supports it properly and it should also prevent him/her from rolling onto their sides. Enter the infant pillow!
  1. Diapers / Nappies

 This is an obvious pick but what you need to know is that instead of a one-time use diaper, choose a more economical and eco-friendly option like reusable nappies made from organic cotton. Stock up with at least 3-4.

4. Skincare Essentials

 As you already know, your baby’s skin requires the utmost care and attention. Choosing the right baby soap, shampoo, moisturizer/lotion, diaper rash cream & sunscreen means considering these important factors

  • Safe on baby skin
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Pediatrician approved
  • No fragrance, no harsh chemicals
  • Hypoallergenic
  1. Baby Thermometer & Nail clipper

A baby thermometer can not only help you track your tiny tot’s body temperature, you can also use it to check the bath water temperature. And since your baby’s nails grow really fast it’s good to have a baby nail clipper so that he/she doesn’t scratch themselves!

  1. Swaddle Cloth

 Coming to the sleep essentials, a swaddle cloth definitely comes first as it is a comforting, safe and wonderfully efficient item to help put your baby to sleep with ease. Also made out of organic muslin, it’s perfect for your baby!

  1. Thottil (Baby Hammock)

A traditional Indian way to rock your baby to sleep in a cloth hammock, a Thottil is a perfect addition to the list of must haves. A great alternative to cribs and bassinets!

  1. Snuggle Sac (Sleepsuit)

 Similar to the swaddle cloth, a lightweight snuggle sac is meant to mimic the embrace of a mother’s womb. It will lull your little one right to sleep in its soft and warm snuggle!

  1. Jablas

Jablas are super breathable, ultra-soft, eco-friendly half sleeves that a baby can cozy up into. Dress your baby in a comfy and safe material that will also brighten up your day because of the adorable prints! These affordable baby clothes can be stocked up for the summer!

  1. Dry Sheet/Baby Bed Protector

 As mentioned earlier, having your baby sleep next to you is preferable as it decreases the risk of SIDS. But it also means changing your bed cover multiple times. So the last item on this list is also one that’ll save you the most energy because the mattress/bed protectors are meant to ensure that your bed stays dry!

It’s super absorbent, breathable and soft. It’s also waterproof, antibacterial and made of premium quality fabric!

There you have it! The top 10 must have baby items that every new mom needs to have. Stocking up on these essential items will ease your burden of figuring out how and what to buy for your baby.

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