The Best Fabric For Your Baby

  • By Abhinav

New parents sure do have a lot of things to pay attention to before their young one arrives. Other than learning how to be a great parent, there is actual stuff that you need to have ready for your baby.

And out of the many important things that new parents need to get, choosing the perfect fabric for your newborn is right up there.

Babies have really sensitive skin and are unable to regulate their body temperature, so this should be taken into consideration before choosing the fabric. And there are quite a few to choose from like bamboo rayonminky and fleece, which are all excellent choices but are not suitable for all skin types.

But the most suitable fabric for most skin types is cotton. Organic cotton, to be specific. Organic cotton has an added advantage of having the least amount of environmental impact.

Why should I choose organic cotton?

  • It is hypoallergenic which prevents skin irritations and allergies (and is also perfect for babies with asthma or other respiratory illness)
  • Helps with regulating body temperature
  • Extremely breathable fabric and is highly absorbent
  • It is soft & gentle on your baby’s skin
  • It can be washed at high temperatures for sterilization
  • Organic cotton is not treated with chemicals and is biodegradable
  • It can be used to make blankets, wraps, swaddle cloths, nappies, etc.

In short, organic cotton is without a doubt, the best fabric for your newborn.

Is Muslin better than cotton?

Short answer is, yes! Of course, Muslin is made out of cotton itself. It is an extremely fine and loosely-woven material that dates back to ancient India. Think of it as an improved version of cotton which has just as many, if not more, benefits than cotton.

Benefits of Muslin cloth for babies

  • More light & breathable than cotton. Perfect choice for baby blankets
  • Owing to its finer weave than cotton, Muslin is oh-so-soft on your baby’s skin. Suitable for swaddles
  • Burpingwiping and cleaning your baby are the most well known uses for muslin cloths as they’re more absorbent than cotton
  • It functions well as a sunshade. You can also use them in strollers, travel cots, car seats, nursing covers and more
  • One of the most unique benefits of Muslin is that it gets softer with each wash

Muslin cloths really are essential for any new parent and hopefully these tips have given you an idea of just how versatile they can be.

And for a wide selection Muslin products for your newborn, view our Muslin Cloth Collection.

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