The Best Baby Bed

  • By Abhinav

While you might be concerned about the right sleeping surface for your baby, it is good to know the details of all the available options. Cribs, bassinets and hammocks are all great options for your baby’s sleep time, they are tried and tested and they make for a great bed for your infant.

But there are a few things to consider before you choose the right bed for your baby. Factors like

  • The material of the bed (Mattress, pillow & blanket)
  • The design (Does it offer only a soft and cushioned surface or does it also have a strong spinal support?)
  • The safety (Does it help in regulating body temperature? Will it prevent SIDS? Is it safe on a baby’s delicate skin?)

These factors along with more specific ones that are relevant to your situation need to be addressed.

And that is exactly what the lovely folks over at Beelittle have done. Creating a baby bed that not only is safe, comfortable and convenient to use, but also actively helps improve your baby’s posture.

And also by blending traditional goodness with modern sensibilities, Beelittle has created the Kapok Silk Bed.

What is Kapok Silk?

Mostly unknown, the Kapok has been used for many years in pillows, cushions, and mattresses.

Kapok fiber comes from the seed hairs of the Kapok tree which is found in the rain forests of Mexico, Central America & South America. But it has been cultivated in South Asia for centuries.

Known also as ‘Silk Cotton’ or ‘Java Cotton’, Kapok Silk has the following properties:

  • It is extremely lightweight (Upto 8 times lighter than cotton!)
  • It is smooth in texture (Making it soft & fluffy!)
  • It does not compress as much as cotton or wool
  • It is highly durable, bouncing quickly back to shape
  • Unlike polyester, it is biodegradable and hypoallergenic
  • Kapok’s air-trapping capacity makes it highly insulating (great for keeping warm!)
  • It is also naturally water resistant, which makes it perfect for a baby bed

Beelittle’s Kapok Silk Bed

Known also as Elavam Panju or Ilavam Panju, the kapok silk mattress is a popular bedding.

Why Beelitle’s Kapok Silk Bed is the best baby bed:

  • The soft pillow ensures that the baby’s head is well-rested and doesn’t sink uncomfortably.
  • Thanks to its natural material, Kapok Silk is safe on your baby’s skin, is hypoallergenic and very breathable. It is also lightweight making it easy to move.
  • The set also comes with a pair of bolster pillows that are meant to ensure that your baby stays in place on his/her back, without rolling over onto their sides. Preventing respiratory complications and even SIDS.
  • And another great feature of this bed is that it is designed keeping the baby’s posture in mind. Beelittle’s Kapok Silk bed provides great spinal support.
  • These beds are eco-friendly and are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified

Here are three great picks from our catalogue:

Green Kite – Kapok Silk Cotton / Elavam Panju Bedding Set

Deep blue sea – Kapok Silk Cotton / Elavam Panju Bedding Set

Spring Morning – Kapok Silk Cotton / Elavam Panju Bedding Set

What happy parents say:

“The quality of everything from diapers to cloths, bedsheets, hooded towels, & travel blankets are just awesome. We like it very much. Thank you BeeLittle. 😊”

“I have been hunting for something like this for a while. Supreme quality + affordable rates = BeeLittle. Yay! So thrilled.”

“I just received the package we ordered. Super happy with the products & quality. Can’t wait to use it on my little one. Thank you so much!♥️”

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