Taking Your Baby Out For The First Time

  • By Abhinav

One of the many ‘firsts’ that your baby will experience is being outside for the first time. Although the first few months with your newborn can be a joyous experience, there are always doubts and questions in the back of your mind. Is it safe to take my baby outside? What are the unforeseen challenges I might face while out with my baby? Will he/she be comfortable?

Worry not as there are some easy tips to remember when you’re planning your first outing with your baby.

Is it safe to take my baby outside?

Many parents worry about taking a very young baby outside the house. In fact, in some cultures like our own, moms and babies are isolated inside for a month or longer. But there’s no medical reason not to take a healthy baby out of the house.

Fresh air and a change of pace can be good for people of any age, including babies. It’s crowds that you’ll need to avoid.

When can I take my baby outside for the first time?

As mentioned, you can head out the door on day one with your newborn if he/she’s properly dressed, you avoid very extreme weather and you stay out of direct sunlight.

Babies and their new parents benefit from a change of scene, so a short stroll in your community or a feeding session on a park bench is a nice respite.

There are some precautions you should take before you step outside with your baby.

Things I need to know before going out with my baby

  1. Dress your newborn appropriately – Remember that you need to dress your baby for the weather – not too hot and not too cold. If you yourself feel hot then remove a layer of clothing off your baby and if you’re feeling chilly, then add an extra layer of clothing.
  2. Plan small – Your first outing with your baby needn’t be a long journey, instead plan a short walk outside or a short trip to the local park. Over time, your baby will start enjoying his/her trips outside more and that’s when you can start planning a longer adventure like a picnic or a trip to the beach.
  3. Avoid crowds – Short walks outside are generally advised, whereas crowded places like malls are not. It’s exposure to other people that can cause a baby to become sick. So, avoid crowded places as a general rule of thumb. Distance yourself and your baby from strangers as much as possible. Finally, stay away from anyone who’s sick.
  4. Meeting friends & family – Most doctors will okay visits to see family and friends after the month-2 round of vaccines, but because COVID-19 is still among us, the recommendation is to stay home with your own immediate family and not socialize with others. You can however introduce your baby virtually, using zoom or skype or any of the myriad video calling apps.
  5. Stock up! – If you’re going to take your baby out for more than an hour or so, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. Stock your diaper bag with changing supplies, extra clothes, feeding supplies, and any necessary medicines if needed.

Baby essentials for his/her first outing

Like mentioned above, it’s good to be prepared with the necessary supplies when stepping out with your newborn for more than an hour. And these are the most important ones to keep in mind:

  • Extra clothes – You can never say when you might need to change your baby, so always take an extra couple of pairs of comfy clothes. Even simple Jablas will do.
  • Diapers or Nappies – It goes without saying that if you’re stocking with extra clothes you need to stock up with extra diapers or nappies. Also, carry a diaper caddy or a plastic bag
  • Baby food & feeding bottles – Whether or not your baby’s breastfeeding, it’s good to carry formula just in case. And in extension, clean feeding bottles
  • Wipes & Burp clothsWipes and burp cloths are a must if you’re going to be feeding your baby while outside
  • Travel blankets – You can use it as a stroller shade or a light blanket. You can also use a swaddle cloth for this purpose
  • Toys – A simple wooden rattle to keep a smile on your precious baby’s face will suffice
  • Medicines – If your baby has any prescription medicines, make sure to carry them along with you

So these are the simple tips to keep your baby safe when you plan your first outing with your baby. Although you might at first feel anxious, taking these simple precautions and preparing beforehand will make your baby’s first outing a memorable one.

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