Summer Essentials For Your Baby

  • By Abhinav

Indian summers are not to be taken lightly, and unless you live at a hill station, you’re most likely going to face the unbearable heat like the rest of us. For parents of newborns especially, it is important to be prepared for the multitude of issues that summer brings with it.

Lucky for you, we have here a list of summer essentials that are sure to help you keep your newborn stay cool and comfy throughout the warmer months.

Clothing Essentials

Cotton is the obvious choice for summer time clothing for babies but it is also great in preventing heat rashes & skin infections, and its absorbent nature means that there won’t be any dampness

  • Organic Cotton Jablas (sleeveless shirts) make for a super-softbreathablecomfortable & cool choice
  • Or organic cotton shirts & frocks
  • And of course, a cotton cap to protect your tiny tot’s precious little head from the sun

Bedding Essentials

Summer heat means that you need to re-think what materials you use for your baby’s bedding. Organic cotton and Muslin are the preferred materials to use.

  • Thottil (baby hammock) is a perfect way to comfortably put your baby to sleep
  • Muslin makes for a great blanket or a wrap (Muslin is extremely soft, breathable, thin & absorbent at the same time)
  • Mosquito Nets are also a must have
  • Waterproof Mattress Covers, a good addition
  • Outdoor Mats, for when you want to step out

Nappy Essentials

An all-important collection of baby products that you’ll need in the summer.

  • Reusable Organic Muslin Nappies (Highly-absorbent, ultra-soft & safe on skin)
  • Muslin Wipes
  • Rash Cream for heat & diaper rashes
  • Sunscreen lotion for when you step outside with your baby
  • Aloe Vera gels are also recommended, as they keep your baby cool

Bathtime Essentials

You’ll probably be giving your newborn more baths in the summer time to make sure that he/she is clean. And these summer products are perfect for bathtime.

  • comfortablesoft and anti-bacterial Muslin Towel (suitable for babies & adults)
  • No tears Baby Wash & Shampoo (make sure to choose a moisturising shampoo)
  • Massage & Hair Oil (Also need to be moisturising)
  • Baby Talcum Powder (Sprinkle it after a bath to lock the moisture & reduce friction with clothing)

Although, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the summer essentials, these baby products are definitely going to help you avoid unwanted issues like rashes, infections & discomfort that summer brings along with it.

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