How To Calm A Crying Baby

  • By Abhinav

Hearing your baby crying for the first time after birth is a special moment that you will cherish forever. It’s a sign that your baby has entered the world healthy. But as the days go by, the constant crying for reasons that you cannot fully understand might frustrate and worry you.

Why is my baby crying?

While your baby might not be able to voice his/her problems to you, crying is definitely their way of communicating with you.

Apart from the most common reasons for crying such as hunger, soiled diapers, being sleepy or tired, here are some lesser considered reasons:

  1. Stomach Trouble. Crying due to stomach discomfort is common. This might be due to colic or gas, especially right after being fed. So, just pat their backs and burp them!
  2. Too hot or too cold. Considering the weather, make sure you don’t bundle up your baby too much or too little.
  3. Need to be held. You might think it’s too obvious but babies do cry to tell you that they want to be held close to mommy or daddy. So go on and hold your little one close.
  4. Teething. Growing teeth push against the gums causing a level of pain and discomfort. You can alleviate this by using teething gels.
  5. Over stimulation. If there’s too much light or noise around your baby, that might also make them cry. So, try and keep it down.
  6. Separation anxiety. A newborn can recognize its mothers’ face and voice. So when separated from his/her mother, a newborn can feel anxious in her absence. Mommies, keep your travels at a minimum.
  7. Feeling unwell. If none of the above reasons seem to be the cause for your crying baby, then speak to your pediatrician and check for symptoms of any possible illnesses.

Tips to soothe your crying baby

Over time, you will learn that your baby cries a lot. Sometimes, the reason is obvious and sometimes it’s not. That’s why figuring out how to calm and soothe your baby when nothing else seems to work is so important.

Here are some methods of calming your baby:

  1. Swinging & Swaying. Try swinging your baby in a Thottil (baby hammock). The rocking motion is a great way to calm your baby.
  2. Shushing & Singing. Shushing your baby in a gentle rocking or singing to him/her is another great way to soothe your baby
  3. Swaddling. Swaddling your baby like a burrito and imitating the embrace of a mother’s womb. You can use baby wraps too.
  4. Sucking. Pacifiers allow the baby to focus less on their discomfort.
  5. Soft Sounds. Using white noise or the whirring of a machine like a vacuum cleaner might calm them too. You can also make baby watch kids shows, cartoons, etc. that contain a lot of laughter.
  6. Step outside. Sometimes all it takes is a change in scenery. So try stepping out every once in a while. Go to a park or take a drive.
  7. Slow massage. Massaging with baby oil helps as the stroking motion is soothing to your baby.
  8. Safe clothing. Always make sure that you’re putting safe and comfortable material clothing on your baby, like organic cotton or muslin. Also, the right nappies or diapers will ensure a peaceful baby.
  9. Soothe yourself first. The constant crying can be frustrating, so soothe yourself first by doing some simple breathing exercises. Try and relax before you try and soothe your child.

While no single method works for all babies, you will eventually begin to understand your baby’s needs. In the meantime, these tried and tested tips to soothe your baby will keep you and your baby as calm as one can be.

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