7 Must Have Baby Sleep Products

  • By Abhinav

Summer nights can be difficult with a newborn as you have to take the heat and humidity into consideration while putting your baby to sleep. Of course, you can use the air conditioner but that would mean that your little would get too cold at some point.

Either way if you could only put your baby to sleep comfortably without having to worry about him/her getting too cold or too hot, that would be fantastic!

We have here a list of 7 baby sleep products that are the best at helping your baby sleep… well, like a baby!

1. Swaddle Cloth

An absolutely must-have sleep product for your baby as a swaddle cloth is a multi-purpose item that not only makes your baby feel safe and secure but also helps keep your baby warm and maintains their body temperature, even in the summer.

You can also use it as a blanket, a holding sheet or even as a changing sheet. If you want to learn more about the benefits of a swaddle cloth and how to use it, click here to read more.

A super soft, ultra-light, anti-allergenic, highly absorbent swaddle cloth that also is made out of 100% organic cotton is what your baby needs!

Organic Muslin Swaddle- Little Pilot

What happy parents say:

“Our baby burrito is covered with BeeLittle’s Swaddler & he’s enjoying it.😍 The material is very nice & comforting. Hoping to come back soon to get more.”

“The Swaddler is so soft & comfortable. You people are doing an awesome job! Thanks for bringing the best products for babies.😄”

2. Snuggle Sac / Sleepsuit

Similar to the swaddle cloth, a lightweight snuggle sac is meant to mimic the embrace of a mother’s womb. It will lull your little one right to sleep in its soft and warm snuggle!

Beelittle’s snuggle sac is made out of 100% organic cotton muslin, it is extremely breathable, anti-allergic, and is perfect to snuggle up your baby and put them right to sleep!

What’s more is that it is incredibly safe and easy to use, with a zipper to put it on or to remove.

Pineapple Vibes – 0-6M Snuggle Sac

What happy parents say:

“I received the products I ordered from BeeLittle. Thank you so much. Your products are simply superb & I just loved it. The cloth quality is superb. 😊♥️”

“Our daughter is all drenched in BeeLittle. It has become her favorite. 😍💞”

3.Cotton Wrap Bed

Just like the swaddle cloth, Beelittle’s Cotton Wrap Bed is a multi-purpose baby product that you can use for swaddling, for sleep, for changing and just to wrap up your little bundle of joy.

The cotton wrap bed is a first of its kind product in India that is, most importantly, meant to help regulate your baby’s body temperature so that they don’t get too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.

It’s 100% organic cotton with zero poly stuffing that helps regulate the baby’s body temperature, it’s highly absorbent, machine washable and it ensures they get a calm and pleasant sleep.

Organic Cotton Wrap Beds with Pillow & Bolster – Everywhere a Quack

What happy parents say:

“My newborn baby who is 2 days old is enjoying her favorite wrap bed. Thank you BeeLittle.😊”

“My little one has fallen in love with your cotton wrap bed. Thank you BeeLittle. 👍”

Mat Bed

Another versatile baby product is the Beelittle’s Mat Bed. Specifically designed for letting your little one sleep or lie awake while you’re busy with your daily routine. The mat beds are firm yet soft, easy to carry, easy to fold and just a perfect product for indoor or outdoor playtime activities.

Crafted from the natural river grass Korai on one side and filled with cushion, the Beelittle Mat Beds are very soft, foldable and immensely easy to use. Padded with 100% organic cotton for a comfortable use.

Foldable Easy to carry – MAT BEDS – 6X3 Feet – Pink Triangles

What happy parents say:

“Loved the mat bed I had ordered from you guys! It’s comfortable & also doubles up as a photo backdrop :p Loved it & thank you :)”

“Ordered the mat bed yesterday & received it today. Thanks for the immediate delivery. And my girl started crawling today on the mat bed.😍”

“Thanks for the mat bed. Brilliant colors & wonderful design. Moreover, comfortable for the baby to play. Thanks again😊”

Kapok Silk Bed

One of Beelittle’s finest baby products, the Kapok Silk Bed (Elavam Panju Bed) is a proper bedding that is crafted for your baby’s comfort. It is designed to not only give your baby a comfortable and cozy sleep but also helps maintain proper spinal support.

Made out of the ultra-soft Kapok silk material along with 100% organic cotton, the bed is comfortable and lightweight, easy to carry. Perfect for newborns as you can place it right alongside you to make sure you can keep an eye on your baby.

It comes with a super soft pillow and two bolster pillows to keep your baby comfortable and prevent rolling onto their sides.

Kapok Silk Cotton/ Elavam Panju Beds – Believe In Magic

What happy parents say:

“I have been hunting for something like this for a while. Supreme quality + affordable rates = BeeLittle. Yay! So thrilled.”

“I just received the package we ordered. Super happy with the products & quality. Can’t wait to use it on my little one. Thank you so much!♥️”

6. Thottil / Baby Hammock

Thottil is essentially a cloth hammock that is meant to emulate the safe and comfortable sensation of being enveloped in the womb, a feeling that newborns truly crave. A cradle of cloth that has been used by Indian parents for centuries, the Thottil really is one of the most convenient ways to put your baby to sleep with ease.

And Beelittle’s Thottils are made out of ultra-soft, safe on skin, breathable, machine washable, 100% organic cotton material that is perfect for your baby.

Say goodbye to sleep deprivation as you can put your cranky baby to sleep in this wonderful rocking hammock that is sure to calm your baby and lull them to sleep with ease.

Thottil Starter Kit – Wider width – Blue Puffy Skies

What happy parents say:

“Your Thottil is really comfortable & my little one is sleeping in it without any disturbance. Thank you BeeLittle.”

“The best thing I ever purchased for my son is your traffic jam Thottil.😍”

7. Blankets

Your baby’s delicate skin deserves a blanket that is antibacterial, anti-allergenic, safe on sensitive skin, ultra-soft, and made of material that is more suited for all weather conditions, like organic cotton or muslin.

Muslin Blankets are a definite must-have for all new parents. Use them as a blanket, a sun-shield, a swaddle, a changing mat, a safety blanket, and much more,  let your imagination be your guide.

Muslin Blanket – Deep Blue Sea

What happy parents say:

Oh, my Jesus😍😍😍😍 I am just loving it. I had tears in my eyes when I touched it. It’s the first time I’m buying muslin cotton & I’m totally satisfied with the material. Thanks a lot🙏🙏”

“Got the blanket from BeeLittle. Absolutely love love love it♥️♥️♥️♥️”

These 7 baby sleep products are sure to help your baby sleep comfortably and in turn reduce the stress you would generally be under if you were to put your fussy baby to sleep without them.

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