10 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Baby’s First Birthday

  • By Abhinav

Your little one has made it to one! Yay! Congratulations are in order for both the parents as it’s your baby’s first big milestone! Now, it might seem like a daunting task to plan a birthday party for your one year old, what with creating a guest list, hiring catering or making food yourself. And it might be even more daunting to have to pick out the best gifts for him/her!

But as luck would have it, we’ve got you covered here! We have compiled a list of 10 most amazing and unique gifts for your baby, so you can focus on the actual party planning.

It’s true that most gifts you buy for your 1-year-old bundle of joy will most likely be forgotten with time. Some gifts will have to be given away as your child grows older and slowly loses interest in them, while others can be gifts that just get better with time.


1. A Musical Instrument

You might be thinking “An instrument for a one year old!? That’s crazy!”. But hear me out, toddlers often start picking up new things very early on. And studies have actually shown that introducing your child to musical instruments at an early age not only helps with their mental and emotional development, it might spark an interest in them that could stick with them for the rest of their lives!

Who knows, maybe you’ll raise the next Mozart or Rahman! Of course, that would mean that you’ll probably have to buy a real instrument at some point but it’ll be worth it.

Try getting a colorful xylophone or a baby keyboard, or drums. Whatever you fancy!

2 . A Baby Hammock

Believe me when I tell you that a baby hammock or a Thottil is a god send! Especially when you have to deal with a fussy toddler after feeding time.

We’ve already mentioned how great a good baby hammock is at putting your little one to sleep but it also makes for a great gift as the rocking and swaying will not only soothe your cranky toddler but also make him/her smile more often.

BeeLittle’s Thottil Starter Kit is a great gift as it comes with not just the actual hammock but also a mosquito net, a hanging chain and a separator.


3. A Gift Box

An all-in-one gift box that comes with a whole host of goodies that will make both your life and your baby’s that much more simpler and convenient.

Curated with care, this gift box from Beelittle comes with:

  • Organic Cotton Jabla
  • Muslin Nappy
  • Wipes
  • Muslin Hood Wrap
  • Mittens
  • Small Holding Sheet
  • Wooden Rattle
  • Socks
  • Muslin Towel

4. A Photo Album

Not very original, I know, especially considering that we live in the digital age. But there’s a nostalgic charm to physical photographs that make them more enticing. It’s one of those special gifts that keep getting better with time. You can start by adding pictures you took of him/her on the day of their birth, their first time crawling, or their first cute dress, etc.

These photo ideas will serve as a beautiful memory of your child’s milestone year for you, and will be a treasure trove of love for him/her!

5. A Hooded Towel

It might not seem like the most creative thing to gift a one year old but a good towel will be a very useful gift for you more than it is for your child.

And what’s more is that BeeLittle’s Hooded Towel is a multi-purpose item that serves as a swaddle cloth, a holding sheet, a bath wrap, shoulder bib or just a plain towel

6. A Kapok Silk Bed

Just like the baby hammock, this is a special treat for your toddler as it is guaranteed to put your baby to sleep without fuss. It is designed to keep your toddler warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

Made out of Kapok Silk and organic cotton, Beelittle’s Kapok Silk Bed is not only soft and cozy but it also comes with a neck pillow and two bolster pillows to make sure your little one doesn’t roll away!

7. A Wooden Rattle

As silly as it sounds, a simple wooden rattle in a wonderfully coloured design might just be enough to turn that frown on your baby’s face upside down.

There are many studies to show that this simple toy can help with your baby’s cognitive development in several ways. And to top it off, it’s also a great distractor.

8.  A Sorting Toy

Sorting toys make for a great gift for a 1-year-old as these will help them with color identification, spatial awareness, counting, problem-solving, and strengthening fine motor skills.

9. A Beautiful Quilt

Quilts make for a perfect gift for toddlers as they come in incredible designs and colors that are just pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch.

Not only are Beelittle’s Quilts beautifully designed, they’re also soft, eco-friendly, and will keep your child warm & cosy.

What’s more is that once your baby grows out of them, you can just stitch them together to make a giant blanket for your child. Something that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives.

10. Fashionable New Clothes

Now that your little one has turned one, you will find more cute, stylish and adorable looking clothes available for your baby boy or girl. What’s more is that these clothes are made out of organic cotton, which is safe on your baby’s skin, ultra-soft, easy to wear and will absolutely make your child fashionable!

For baby boy, a cool blue Kurta set

For baby girl, an adorable floral frock

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